Silver Wax Warmer
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Silver Wax Warmer

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This silver wax warmer has a very smooth and sleek finish, certain to sit perfectly in any modern home living space.


Simply place an unscented tealight into the base of the wax warmer and add just 1 teaspoon of our scoopable wax melts into the well.

1 teaspoon of our scoopable wax melts will last approx 3 - 4 hours on this warmer.

Please only use tealights that last either 2 or 4 hours. Please do not use an 8 hour tealight - the plate will get too hot. 

When the scent has weakened, use a kitchen towel or cotton wool ball to absorb the remaining wax. Ensure the wax warmer is completely clean before adding new wax.